The Cataclysm is an event shrouded in mystery.

Once there was an advanced civilization across this land – the remnants of which are scattered across the landscape. In the year 0 of the new reckoning, an event happened that destroyed that civilization leaving only fragments behind. The story tellers sometimes refer to the cataclysm as World War III.

The cataclysm was nearly an extinction event for humanity. Centuries of knowledge, technology, and human experience and achievement were destroyed.

It is unknown why this region was spared. Travelers through the area have spoken of desolate landscapes beyond the horizon that they refer to as the deadlands.

Even now, after nearly three centuries, humanity still struggles to advance beyond small hunter-gatherer communities where the strong dominate the weak.

Roving packs of nomadic raiders are a constant threat.


An Oasis in the Deadlands Neilg