Historical Timeline for the Campaign

All Dates are listed in AC (After Cataclysm)


The year of the cataclysm. All history prior to the event has been lost to time


According to oral tradition: In a land far to the North, a group of survivors first banded together to survive the cataclysm. They refer to themselves as a clan of survivors. They settle in a river valley they called Cambria.


According to oral tradition, aggressive bands of survivors/Ravagers drove them from Cambria. The Clan becomes nomadic and moves further south.

During the following decades, the Clan continues to move further south – crossing the deadlands. For the most part, they avoid the larger settlements they discover as they learn that these settlements are usually ruled by some tyrant.


The Clan, led by the Grandfather of current Elder Algernon, first meets Malcolm in their travels. Malcolm describes the area around his childhood home and agrees to show it to the wanderers. Sanctuary is established.


The Clan becomes aware of a nearby warlord named Steele. They monitor his peoples’ presence in the area while remaining hidden in Sanctuary


The name Haunted Hill applied to the hill by Steele’s men after a few encounters.


The beginning of the campaign

Historical Timeline for the Campaign

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