Character Generation Rules


  • Roll 5d6 and take the best 3
  • You may place the values as you wish (except Charisma – Charisma is Always the last roll!)
    Your race is a hardy one having survived the cataclysm and its aftermath

Reroll Options – Select ONE option

  • Change any one stat to 15
  • d4: add 1-4 to any one stat
  • -5: subtract 5 from any one stat to have one additional roll on the skills chart


  • All Starting PC’s are between 15 and 18 years of age


  • 5d6×10


  • One roll on the Modified Powers Chart: this power cannot be dropped (all players are metahumans)
  • Two rolls on the Skills chart
  • One roll on the Weakness chart: this roll can be dropped if the player also discards one of his Skills. Weaknesses will not be ‘fluff’, they will be required to have impact in the campaign (so nothing like ‘colorblind’ for reduced senses)

Character Points

  • The character starts with 5 number of character points, and some proficiency in hunting/foraging

Character Points can be spent on the following options:

  • Weight: Plus or Minus 25 lbs.
  • Statistic: +1 to the stat of choice
  • Attack Bonus: +1 bonus to hit with a specific attack/weapon
  • Damage Bonus: +1 damage with a specific attack/weapon
  • Defense Bonus: -1 to be hit when aware of an attack (Maximum of -5)

Character Generation Rules

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