An Oasis in the Deadlands

Guarding the farm, Lizzy's account

A large group of ravagers, 30 or 40, were headed our way. Our mentor sent us to guard the farm. Without that food the clan will have a hard time surviving. We soon saw a group of them coming around the hill. Six humans and two canids. One glowed, one looked like a mean rocky mound man, and four others, one of which also looked meaner than the rest. The fastest of us selected him as the first target, and I followed suit. I got in one good blow. Then I found myself surrounded by half of them and one of the canids. A hail of blows is the last I knew of the battle. Luckily, we prevailed, but not without losses. Our teacher was one of the ones who bravely died defending Sanctuary. We learned that they were from White Water, and were looking for women folk in particular. They hadn’t realized there were so many of us. They must be desperate to have come this far. They had passed through Fort Steel territory before they found us. The Steel people want us all dead. We will need to brace or conceal ourselves, as they are likely to follow such a large group of Ravagers. The reputation of Haunted Hill will only stop so much. I will have to learn how to defend myself better. It will take days for me to be healthy again, and we may not have the time. I hope I got a good enough look at the mound man before I went down. I will have to figure out if his form is better armor than my own.

Sanctuary Under Attack

The initial session will commence (as you may infer from the title) with a combat with forces unknown!