Going up a level

Going up a level gains the hero several advantages.

First, the character gets the combat bonuses based on the ‘level to level’ chart

Secondly, the character gains 3 additional Character Points to spend.

Character Points can be spent on the following options when going up a level:

  • Weight: Plus or Minus 25 lbs.
  • Statistic: +1 to the stat of choice
  • Attack Bonus: +1 bonus to hit with a specific attack/weapon
  • Damage Bonus: +1 damage with a specific attack/weapon
  • Defense Bonus: -1 to be hit when aware of an attack (Maximum -5)
  • Power Development: The character can put one point towards the development (invention) of a new power. Once the character accumulates 4 PD Points, he/she automatically acquires the new power.

The power must be approved by the gamemaster and fit into the character concept/storyline. The new power will be half-power.

Going up a level

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