Kyle Steele


Steele is a young man (approx 25) with rabid anti-metahuman prejudices.
He stands about 6’2" and weighs around 210 lbs.
He has dark hair, a carefully coiffed mustache, and a cold, dead stare. Steele rarely smiles.
He dresses like a caricature of an old-west gunman, but is always immaculately turned out.

He is the warlord/leader of the community located in the West Hills controlling any traffic between communities along the East-West Road.


Little is known about the history of Kyle Steele.

Rumor has it that his family was damaged in some way by a metahuman or group of metahumans. People say that is was this event that is the cause of Steele’s absolute hatred of metahumans.

Steele is universally brutal in his dealings with metahumans. It is not uncommon to see the crucified or impaled bodies of fallen metahumans within the boundaries of his territory.

Kyle Steele

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